Reviews for "ir/rational Redux"

1. ASSUMPTION: Educational games are usually the product of a teacher creating a new teaching method AND/OR an assigned student project
2. IF this game taught me something THEN it is educational
3. FACT: This game taught me the basics of propositional calculus
4. THEREFORE the creator of this game is likely a teacher or student of propositional calculus

tjubert responds:

Good deduction - I'm studying a philosophy Masters degree.

I enjoyed this game too much to be studying the humanities. (CALCULUS TAKE ME BACK MY LOVE.)

Fun, smart, not-tear-your-hair-out-difficult.. Why aren't there more games like this?

Loved it!! More games like this that get you thinking, would like to see more with a longer storyline, the ending was a little predictable, but this is the best game I have played in a couple of years, 5 stars =)

This was... interesting. Certainly very mind bending. I also like the ambiguous twist at the end. Will there be a sequel? I certainly hope so.

Very rarely do I ever feel a game deserves 5 stars, but you my friend have earned it. This reminds me of a mixture of computer coding and mathematical proofs, which I luckily have a lot of experience with both. I give you 5 stars for your innovative game style, your colorful vocabulary used, mixed in with a pitch black humor such as the humor used in the Portal games. I also like that it's not too long of a game so people get bored and feel like they're doing homework, but it's also not too short to the point where I wouldn't bother with a review. And I thank you for taking a step away from the ordinary internet flash games, and please keep up the good work. The internet gaming community needs new things like these.