Reviews for "ir/rational Redux"

Seriously, I fucked my mind up to solve the 7th puzzle! There isn't the correct option: "Australia is wrong...". Why? I had to find a walkthrough in order to solve the puzzle and discover that the Australia option is not in this version of the game! Jeez.

I love the concept, but the drop down menus are terrible, the puzzles often didn't accept perfectly logical arguments that differ slightly from your template.
Also the dialog kinda felt a little condescending by patting you on the back for every frankly, pretty easy logical puzzle you solve.

I'd like to see a more polished version of this with harder puzzles and a better input method. (possibly fields to type in freely using variables predetermined by you?)

When you are cornered in a circle, triangulate it.

Fun, but the buttons seem a bit hesitant to respond. I have to click on "continue" multiple times to move on.

Could be a great game, however the answers really need to be listed all at once or have a scroll bar.
I like the tests, the atmosphere and the story is great. Fix above mentioned and it's perfect.