Reviews for "ir/rational Redux"

Add a scroll bar on the drop downs. I couldn't figure out what was going on there for awhile. Once I discovered there were other options that I couldn't see things became much easier logically. However, when I pressed the down arrow it would change all the answers in the column - causing me to have to resolve multiple logic problems over again. Usually I would forget that I had to re-correct them to begin with and would get the answer wrong multiple times before I realized the error.

Aside from that, it was a decent logic game. Different than any that I've ever played so it was enjoyable. But the controls had me on the verge of quitting many times. For that reason I couldn't go any higher than a 3/5.

IF the puzzles were varied and interesting, THEN it was satisfying to solve each puzzle.
IF it was satisfying to solve each puzzle, THEN I did not fall into boredom while playing it.
IF I did not fall into boredom while playing it, THEN I really enjoyed this game.

The puzzles were varied and interesting.

THEREFORE I really enjoyed this game.

One of the options is missing on puzzle 7 so the game can't be beaten.

This game is absolutely amazing and was completely worth the hour or two I spent playing it. I was surprised at how well I was able to figure out the puzzles, considering I only had to "use my brain" on puzzles 8 and 10, and 10 just stated the things I already knew. This is a fantastic game, and everything, the music, the gameplay, the plot, fit together extremely well.

This was spectacular. It was hard, and at times I found myself not being able to keep my mind on track because I was thinking so hard, but it's entirely solvable and not in the least impossible. I wish we were taught things like this in school, using a puzzle system such as this game, to learn problem solving skills.
Gawwwwsh I loved this game. Thanks, mate. It was a pleasure.