Reviews for "ir/rational Redux"

This is a great game, and I greatly enjoyed playing it. The story was very compelling, and the puzzles both interesting from a political or story standpoint, a humor standpoint, as well as pinpointed the best difficulty.


The game has one very crippling bug: occasionally options will not show up. This happened to me for the CORRECT option - twice. This was my second playthrough, so I remembered some of the puzzles' solutions. On Level 7, the second "if, then" needed was (spoilers) "If games should be compared similarly to film, then Australia is wrong to ban 18+ rated games. The option for "Australia is wrong to ban games" was not listed.

The same happened on the final level (which, by the way, is unskippable if you want to see the game's ending) wherein the options O and Not O were not shown. O is the answer, meaning I could not see the ending (not a big deal for me; I already know the ending, but knowing others cannot see it is... painful).

From the reviews below, this is a very common problem. The only thing that comes to mind is that the first time I played it I used Mozilla Firefox, while the second time I played it in Google Chrome, so it may be a browser issue. To those below with a similar problem, try using Firefox and see if that works.

Great game. Please make another one, but longer and without the drop down menu bug/issue.

This was an interesting game, but it is buggy or something, because the correct answers are not available in questions 7 or 10 and I wasn't able to finish the game as a result. I checked against some discussions and looked up spoilers to verify that I wasn't simply wrong - the drop-down menus simply don't contain the answer you need to get the question right. There was mention in the discussions that others were having the same problem. It's ironic that such a simple game about logical thinking has a game-stopping bug in it.

i dont quite understand the puzzle in level 7...

in your walkthrough... you stated the answer to number 2 is:
"IF video games should be treated similarly to films THEN Australia is wrong to ban 18+ video games"
i filled up all the answers but cant seem to find one that has the answer "Australia is wrong to ban 18+ video games"

OMG! VERY good game. I did end up beating it... holy crap.... I'm just a kid. I think I need a nap now...