Reviews for "Zombies vs Vampires"

I love this game. I got a mid air zombie bite. LOL
One piece of advise smaller garlic and make its flight a little less clunky.

Thanks for the great game.

Good game !! ^^' Kinda boring at the end i'd suggest a shop were you could buy bigger garlics etc. I got stuck at the baby zombie level (10) I did'nt understand it x) Good Job though.

i dont like you win screen. it will be good if i can skip it.
good game

I was hoping for more of an homage/parody of Plants VS Zombies but this is a solid puzzler with a cool theme. To bad I'm quickly bored by puzzlers.

256250 is my score. Beat my score bitches! CRAPPO THE GREAT REIGNS ! (p.s. the game is a bit slow; and /or/ but/ level designs are nicely designed and strung together to give an increasing level of difficulty. Thanks for the good time.)