Reviews for "Zombies vs Vampires"

This game is not the best but I think its entertaining...For kids.

i dont like you win screen. it will be good if i can skip it.
good game

256250 is my score. Beat my score bitches! CRAPPO THE GREAT REIGNS ! (p.s. the game is a bit slow; and /or/ but/ level designs are nicely designed and strung together to give an increasing level of difficulty. Thanks for the good time.)

I was hoping for more of an homage/parody of Plants VS Zombies but this is a solid puzzler with a cool theme. To bad I'm quickly bored by puzzlers.

I don't know much about this game, on one hand the author does have lots of stuff from this publisher, but I'm not sure if he is authorized to submit it's content. Oh, and the game was OKAY, but I wouldn't call it newgrounds quality.