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Reviews for "Sonic Scene Creator Adv.2"

Hasn't improved from the last one. There is no way to turn the sprites around, and the landscape is too small. You might want to add more music tracks too, that are changeable.
I'll give you a star for effort, but please, if you're going to make another scene creator add/change more things!

OK I actually kinda like what you have going on here. I think the main problem is how it's laid out. If you could make the background take up the entire screen and maybe have a menu on the side with all the sprites on it it would make it much better. Right now it doesn't have much appeal, but with some work I think you could make it really cool :)

uh if it had more characters for eg SILVER BLAZE SUPER TAILS SUPER KCUCKLES SUPER SILVER CREAM AMY and of characters others games for eg MARIO SORA LUIGI DK BOWSER MICKEY DONALD GOOFY SAMUS and others characters that you select okay is my idea for SONIC SCENE CREATOR ADV.3

Sorry, but stuff like this is no longer passable content on Newgrounds. Sprite flashes died out at least sometime in 2009.

not bad