Reviews for "Sonic Scene Creator Adv.2"

its good but it needs something to turn the sprites around

Omg! I like this. Here's the rating:
+ Good music, very godly! Perfect! :0 (+ 3)
+ Super Forms (+ 2)

I can't say more. If you can rate 10 stars, then i could say more.
I approve this. It's really good. I love it! And now here's your 5 stars! :)

Alvc57 responds:

Thanks a Lot Man!! That's nice!.

it's alright i kinda like it i love the music

Alvc57 responds:

Thanks you love it.

Ehhh, V-The one below cyan-V He can't make it, He's, DEAD, -RIP: Alvc57- Or, He can't make it, It's past December 2013,

Alvc57 responds:

:) Haha

its okay not bad but its also not good but 3 stars (cause I cant make my damn mind either if its poop or AMAZING).