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Reviews for "Holiday e-card"

As an E-card, it is very nice.
Its cute, great aesthetic, very pretty, I love the music playing in the background, and it makes me wish it was Christmas time.

As a GAME (which it was submitted as)
Its pretty horrid. It all but entirely lacks mechanics, there is no REASON to collect the presents, or reward for getting them all.

What I would recommend, is that you take out the presents, shrink the add a little, add a few little scenes around the town to find, and re-submit it as an "Interactive E-card" so that way people don't see it as a game.

It was actually welcome to see some snow during the heat now. This could become some type of game part in the future with characters, interaction, quests, etc.

I'm glad that your really taking your flash skills to the test, but I'm not sure if this is the BEST website for these types of games.

I like the guiltar.

Their is no point that I can see to this game. way to slow and the music is horrible.