Reviews for "Perspective"

Loved it. One of the best I've played on this site. Wish it could've been longer though.


"and then john was a zombie"

good concept, well thought out, annoying final puzzle and a strange ending which quite frankly seems and i'm struggling to put this into an appropriate context... not cliche in terms of story but it just felt like every other game of that type. the weird dark themed platformer games produced in that very similar style often have ending sequences similar to that.

the whole perspective thing i can let go in terms of a dog may at first see something as scary but it turns out it isn't (it's fairly original and intriguing). but the ending reminded me of the old doom fanfic turned meme.

the story didn't grip me and was an aticlimax in all honesty at the end and the short nature of the game can only let me give it 3.5 had it been longer and not so standard in terms of story it would have been 4.5 or the full 5

Good music, and a good brain-teaser, along with a wonderful storyline. Personally, I would have liked it a bit longer, but it worked well together anyway.

It's very sad, though. Her son died at such a young age. I'm assuming her husband was a drunkard and left, because there's nothing mentioned about her missing him, too. She's been lonely for so many years, until she found the dog (who's name we weren't given). It's too bad she never remarried, never took that chance again. She might have been happier.

One of my favorite games I've seen in a while. I love games that are deep and complex like this.