Reviews for "Perspective"

This game was a challenge and I almost rage quit at certain times. But this story kept me interested. And the ending was so touching to my heart, my day just got better thanks to this game.

...I can't say much more than has already been said in all the other reviews for this game. So I'll just say this. There are moments where games can transcend being just games. They surpass the point of just being ones and zeros. They become something truly remarkable, as well as something truly memorable. You have captured that in the most perfect of ways. You have crafted a masterpiece. Thank you for sharing it.

This game is a load of AWESOMENESS
has a great idea to the game and the idea for the character was a smart idea

I love this game :)
Hard enough to keep it interesting, but not so hard that you can't beat it. Add on top of that, a wonderful story, complementing music & cute sprites, and you've got a wonderful game here. :)
Thanks for sharing this with everyone. I loved it <3

there is not much that can make me cry the only thing that makes me cry is onions pain and the intro for the avengers but this is just beautiful i miss ya Toby you didnt just won my stars but you also won my respect