Reviews for "Perspective"

I really enjoyed playin this chilling game.. very neat gameplay!

A masterpiece of storytelling... this is art gaming at its finest. You have truly hit a resonant frequency with all dog lovers. The atmosphere and interaction were masterfully achieved, and the ending takes this from an incredible and insightful game into the realm of genius. Bravo.

Nice cute little game. Could be longer though but not if it would compromise the feeling.

The idea is interesting and I like the graphics. It's pretty well coded too!

It's good, to be sure - the music fits, the gameplay is original, and it's a nice concept. I especially liked the later levels with the dual controls, an idea that has been done before but perhaps not quite in this way.

The problems are unfortunately in the frustration of the controls and the dynamics. The dog slides far too easily even when falling down, enemies can bunch up and immediately lose you the level without you even realising, and perhaps it's not been as well realised as it might first appear. I certainly don't get the ending, either - it's left a little too dubious about whether it might be a happy ending, a bitter-sweet ending, or frankly a horrifying ending, if I read it right. I'd have loved to learn more about who the son was and things like that, but it ends just as it starts to become promising.

Focus on the controls (vital in platformer puzzles) and develop the story, and this could be really great - as it is, it's still a good game let down by an all-too-simple plot that doesn't resolve itself as well as it could has.