Reviews for "Perspective"


I liked it.

Very relaxing, gives off a much different air than most flash games. The story is nice as well.

Wow... this is definitely a 5 out of 5. The puzzles were excellently thought out, just the right amount of difficult to offer an enjoyable challenge without it being overly hard or too easy (though I must say, it took me a while with some of them! :D) The story was touching, and the ending was, as has been mentioned below, thought provoking and powerful. The music, also, could not have been more fitting. All in all: a beautiful game, that just goes to show how even though the art may be simple, doesn't mean that the game itself doesn't deserve to be on the "Greatest" of newgrounds for a long time to come :)
Thanks for a great game,

This game is simply amazing... the story is so beautiful, the game play was also very good and it's difficulty level was well put. This game left me speechless, I honestly can't express how amazing this is, or how I feel now after playing it. Everyone, and I mean >everyone< should play this game!