Reviews for "Retro Pixel Racers"

lol that's funn

lots of glitches when touching the wall or opponents.
it could be a great stylish game, but i already hated it at 5th race.
it has no challenge, just hardly crashes wich will totally piss you off.

(i got glitched into wall with that terrible sound, THANKS FOR MUTE SOUND BUTTON)

you got 1 for idea and 1 for a mute button.

I always like the concept of top-down racing games.
But the tracks could be better .
When you crash or bump into other cars you completely stop.

Hitting the wall is the most annoying part of the game. You immediately stop... Even if you barely hit it... Why can't you just slow the car down or something? Other than that, it's a good game. Nice graphics and music.

Too difficult at early level. Once you crash, it is too hard to recover, and you have almost no chance.