Reviews for "Stupidella"

xD Iike this game

Certainly a unique and very entertaining game, with an awesome art style and a wicked sense of humor.

I must say, the sideways, logical, "Don't see the obvious" solutions to these puzzles had me rather stumped. I laughed when I realized what I was supposed to do, and the devious placement of solutions was excellent, especially with the bomb.

The humor within these solutions were also brilliant. I especially loved the one with the The Ring reference and how our dear Stupidella managed to avoid the wrath of the crawling evil. You have some seriously great problem solving skills and creativity in this game.

I loved the art style. Stupidella was simultaneously smoking hot and hilarious, with her extravagantly long and messy hair, partially covered boobies, amazing figure, and the spacey look in her eyes. The way everything is just a shade of green with white and a number of comic book inking techniques was what really took me in, however, and the hilarious, cartoony design of everything. The roundness and the simplicity was very retro, almost to the period of the 50's to 70's, decades whose aesthetics I adore simply because they are so cartoony and friendly.

The mixture of simple "she-animal" grunts and the cheap tweens added a lot of humor to the game. While most people would say this was cheap of you, I say it was clever and very funny. The way Stupidella flies off when she gets punched had me doubling over in laughter.

Finally, I love how failing is just as funny as winning. Too many games make losing a negative thing, and the way every action or misstep yielded a funny event was awesome. Thank you.

Second game I've ever given 5 full stars there was complicated moments but then all of a sudden you realize how simplistic it really was. Definitely worth five stars enjoyed every bit.

Awesome game. Can't wait for the next one!

Very original :))