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Reviews for "Shop Empire 2"

I love who did this!!!!!mwa

I love this game, great game, but PLEASE FIX THE SAVE FUNCTION!!! when i close out the browser and comeback my saved game is gone. I don;t want to keep playing it over and over again from the beginning.

Great Game!Maybe A Third?

I finally beat the game! :D

Took me...like probably close to 20 different times of playing it because I keep getting pulled away, but you did awesome :)

I enjoyed everything about this game, and would like to play another one :) I don't even care if the English is all choppy, that's ok with me :) You got the point across just fine.. This is one of my fav games, it was good fun to play and get into..you really gotta spend time with this one.

One of the top 5 best free games I've played :)

Love this game, but I hate that you have to wait so long to transfer money :(