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Reviews for "Shop Empire 2"

1 wastes time on loading ( for me ) I waited like 13 minutes and it wont load 2 cant read the text 3 I noticed that one of the guys is off cue at going up-down like the others ( that's funny ) plz help stuck at loading screen making a review.

For all the people nagging for stuck customers holy higgins just delete and build another and if the building if costly you probs have alot of money cause you bought it

Anyways i thought it was a great game but i think there should be more to the night
lIKE fire
Natural hazards like floods,hurricanes and, stuff like that
but it had no problems (at least for me) so it is a five star

tip for night have a lot of security on the first floor during night

2.38570173 money ........................

Here are some tips for the game

First 2(ground and 1st) floors of all malls use a elevator
3rd (4th) floor make a escalator from 2nd (first) floor
4th and up elevators
Have at least 10 security on 2nd (1st) floor and 15 on ground floor
Info why
Elevators give away theifs.
With alot of security on both floors the theifs wont be able to steal anything.
(only works fr night)

For day
Have 5 security on each floor
Have 2 entertainers on each floor(0 for night)
Have 2 electricians on each floor (1 for night)
Have 5-8 janitors on each floor (1 for night)