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Reviews for "Shop Empire 2"

awesome game, but the lag is a bit of a let down when reaching higher levels. i hope the next one has fewer lag issues. :)

Wow Littlegiantword is now good of games but otherwise play 3 min you ill bored but its FUN!!!

start with food, aaaaalways start with food


Wonderful and fun game! My only issue is that once I reached the 3rd country, the game got a little glitchy. I have set my storage option to unlimited, but 90% of the time when I try to switch countries to transfer money, the game screen turns black and gets stuck. Also since getting to the 3rd country, there's been multiple times that I go to load my game, and even though it indicated that my game had been autosaved before I quit (or, if I quit before the day was done, I manually saved it), and it's set back to a previous save point.. in other words, I lost what I did in my last gaming session.

Still, overall it is a great game, especially for a flash game. It just needs a few minor tweaks to resolve the glitches.