Reviews for "Zombie Situation"

I actually like it!

This is a good game, and I had fun with it. The plot was interesting, and the gameplay wasn't too shabby either! Good work!

A nice game in the overall. Greatest thing - in my opinion - is that the partners actually CAN shoot, not just fire at random. Nice weapon selection, dificulty scales well... it's main flaw is that 25 waves is a bit too much, and some of the waves get boring and repetitive.

Other than that, great game, keep up. :)

WOW! 5/5 stars, man! This was the best zombie game I've played on newgrounds since Road of the Dead! :D

its simplist but very fun

prett y good it has a good story line and the right amount of time in each wave. but it has an average taste of zombie game in it