Reviews for "Zombie Situation"

It is so nice :)
It is useful to relax some minutes...

no reload i just spam waves up the whole screen on easy very fun...
make movement forward and reload and bullets more realistic now its like shooting plastic balls from real gun into zombies who should have more lives not just 1hit on easy

I am getting a glitch where I'm stuck in the corner. Make the area of movement larger instead of walking in a straight line, make the character move forward.

instructions for total ownage!!!!!!!!!!!
1:first, max the handgun so it will be easier in the beggining when you dont have the good guns
2:when fred arrives tell him to use the sniper rifle
3:try to max all high-rate firing weapons like uzi and assault rifle
4:when sarah arrives tell her to use the bazooka
5:when zombie boss arrives here are instructions for beating him: when he appears use lazer gun when he dissapears and you have to fight his minions use bazooka or chain gun or any high-firing rate weapon
BOOMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!you got a hard rocking team

this is a grat game will tar be a nutr one.