Reviews for "Zombie Situation"

This was a pretty fun game. Beat it in 20 mins was pretty easy. Once you get the Laser Rifle, it's all pretty much a win. Goodjob guys. 4.5/5. :)

i started this game thinking i would play a couple of minute but got pulled in and before i knew it i had beat the game. this game was relatively easy (playing on normal) but still very fun!


First off: I liked this game.

That being said, my "liking" it has very little to do with the score I gave it.
While fun, this game is nothing new, nor does it bring anything to the table that hasn't already been brought.
I do believe it plays well; The controls are smooth, the animation is good, and the weapons work as they are supposed to.

I do, also, believe that the "Zombie shooter" has seen it's day.
At this point it is sort of ironic... here we have games that, depite how DEAD they are as a genre-type, still seem to come at us gamers like an undead horde.
Everytime I turn around there is another "zombie shooter" coming out.
My major problem with the proliferation of the type is that, even after all of these attempts, very little has been done toward making a truly SOLID "ZS".
In all it's iterations, what we end up with is "kill zombies".
Plot seems to fall by the wayside, which is a shame. We are presented, time and again, with the "I gotta save my WIFE/DAUGHTER" scenario.
So much more could be done. I'd love to see a different spin on it. Hell, make it a dude looking for his BOYFRIEND. At least it would be original.
I'm not going to hold that against the creators here. They made a fun, solid, playable game.

Bit repetitive but it was pretty fun for the first 5-10 minutes.

Very enjoyable game, better than I thought at the beginning... I usually like to aim with the mouse, but here the assistants, story, and variety of weapons and enemies totally make up for it. One thing which did annoy me was that when reaching the last level I could change nothing anymore, assistants' weapons or my own upgrades, so eventually I had to lower the difficulty :(