Reviews for "Leaks"

Very nice game
It's a pleasant variation of the standard Breakout game.
The controls worked properly and the visuals were good.
I understand that there is a constant challenge in every level but even that gets boring after some time.
You could have introduced more elements like obstacles along the way or small minigames that you have to solve quickly while the ball is in the air, so you can proceed forward.

All in all, a good game that could be a little more fun.

unlimitary responds:


I experienced no lag from the NG medal popup. So please do not remove that from future projects.

More Games link didn't work.

Game over without continues is an outdated game mechanic. It has nothing to do with retro. It's just bad game design.

Music and graphics were excellent but I would have liked to see variety in the color schemes and more sound tracks.

I got to level 8 and died. If there was more variety after that, it came a bit too late for me.

unlimitary responds:

Thanks! I didn't find any sense in adding casual leveling to this game - new levels don't introduce new gameplay elements, so this is all about scoring. Honestly speaking, levels was added in the latest build of the project, it was only one single endless level before.

Anyway, I will take into account your notes if there will be a sequel.

Puts a new spin on a old classic for sure. An in-game tutorial would've been nice, though. (Unless I skipped it by accident.)

The only drawback is that it gets a bit repetitive in the end. Consider adding a new element in the later levels (such as new kind of boost, or a different type of top blocks). But, as said below, it's great, funny game, keep going.

A creative spin on the Atari classic Breakout!