Reviews for "Leaks"

Fun game, the only technical issue I have is I died several times due to the lag when you get a medal. If maybe you could exchange the medal pop up for a sound instead or something more light-weight.

Trust me, it's not fun getting a fast ball, at maximum water height with 3-5 medals wins which lag the game for more then 10 seconds.

unlimitary responds:

Thanks, I will totally remove standart newgrounds medal popup in future projects.

Woah. After playing for a prolonged amount of time everything beings to move right. 30-40 minuets of fast moving to the right causes everything to Shift right. My desk and everything was going right. Not recommended for people with motion sickness haha. I don't have motion sickness so I loved this game cause Arkanoid was a fun game. I played through Doh It Again on SNES.

Addictive and fun to play

Very nice game
It's a pleasant variation of the standard Breakout game.
The controls worked properly and the visuals were good.
I understand that there is a constant challenge in every level but even that gets boring after some time.
You could have introduced more elements like obstacles along the way or small minigames that you have to solve quickly while the ball is in the air, so you can proceed forward.

All in all, a good game that could be a little more fun.

unlimitary responds:


The only drawback is that it gets a bit repetitive in the end. Consider adding a new element in the later levels (such as new kind of boost, or a different type of top blocks). But, as said below, it's great, funny game, keep going.