Reviews for "IWBTD"

So, what's wrong with this? It's not a game. It's moe like an interactive movie - a bad one at that. Not to mention that the humor is seriously lacking. Using "Meet the Pyro"'s song and some of IWBTG's recurring themes does not mean your "game" suddenly becomes funny.

Graphic are so obviously bad I won't even go into that, except to mention that the pixellating effect is seriously irritating.

Also, 6.4MB for this?

solleader responds:

Thanks for your feedback

I wanted to have high quality music, only them are about 4,5 mb

I had trouble starting the game :(

Disappointed by the deception.

I thought this game was hilarious. I gave you five stars for the humor. However, it doesn't have any "losing" conditions. Therefore it can't really be classified as a game. Since I had to review it as a game as well I gave no stars on that aspect. So I averaged the two scores together and gave you a 2.5.

U r gay

solleader responds:

My girlfriend made the graphics ;)