Reviews for "IWBTD"

I'm guessing..if nobody got it ...
This is a parody of the game "I wanna be that Dude"?

What an awesome game!
Naw, I kid, but it wasn't bad .

These endings are fantastic. Superb soundtrack too.

I feel like puking up some rainbows after playing that...

it's hard to want to say anything but really, come on! move forwards, click on somthing, bad end or good end.


well, cool idea, but:
loading times are way to long, could have been much faster.
description was faulty.
song gets annoying fast
good ending was painfully slow.
bad ending was cool, but animated poorly.
if this was a 48 hour game jam thing, i would congratulate you on a job well done. but there is no mention of that, so i have to say this could have been cleaned up... (a lot)

solleader responds:

Well thanks for your feedback :)
About loading time, i think they are not so much long neither short.
About the description... have you ever eared about sarcasm? ;)
In a world where anything is so fast, "you must produce more in less time" "you have to walking fast" take just few more seconds to enjoy the love beetween two unknown lovely dinosaurs :)
Bad ending was explained well by ArchetypeZero by a review

well actually this game was made in less then a couple of hours
i hope in the future to make something better for everyone :)