Reviews for "IWBTD"

funny stuff

Yeah, this game was the best game ever. It is way to short though. I realize that this is a game meant to be hilarious but more endings would be good.


The game the name at least is parodying is called "I wanna be the Guy"

The red lizard........ *shudder* but anyway, I see what you were going for, and you hit that target. Similar to retriever (which is also a low rated frontpage game as of now) it is fun. People often forget a game does not need disturbing sights or meaningful, depressing endings (critics and their need for aritistic games and movies. wtf. tone it down a tad bit.) sometimes you just need a fun, brainless insertmainmaterialofgameherefest. I would like to see a few more games like this to balance out the many art games (because there is a such thing as too much sadness.) Anyway, make more games bro.