Reviews for "IWBTD"

this is literally the greatest game ive ever played

This game made my heart feel like better on the inside.

This isn't a game. This is an interactive flash. Other than that, it's fun to watch, and interesting. I guess. Choosing between the bad and good endings in such a way kind of actually loses the point of having different endings. You don't want them to make a literal choice in endings; you want them to make an in game choice that affects what happens later.

Nothing special. All you do is walk. Maybe a story would be nice or at maybe some more characters. The title had NOTHING to do with the plot and the only good thing were the medals.

@below (on a unrelated note) Darn you beat me to that review!

anyways, this game is pretty good for happy people, and Christmas-loving people. But I find the bad ending to be more funny then bad.