Reviews for "IWBTD"

well i don't know what ArchetypeZero is talking about but all i know is i enjoyed the alternate endings!

Perhaps it's because I'm drunk...but this "game" made me very happy...

I was expecting a game. Silly me.

I think I understand what this game is saying. Here's what I get out of the complex, yet very subtle and subliminal plot:

The Reptilians, a race of beings from the fourth-dimensional Draconian star system actually have a soft side, and are susceptible to the idea of infinite love and universal Consciousness. As you do some soul-searching you will find inner demons that need to be sorted out rather than ignored or battled. They will appear to be major obstacles, but, as you realize further that reality is an illusion, you will be able to bridge the gaps between your mind and soul, and redesign the world around you to the point that no enemies or dangers exist, as well as closing any schisms existing between you and others or you and the different levels of your own mind and consciousness. If you focus on infinite love, you will eventually find your soul-mate without having to "search" for them. This is why the bad ending is nonsense, because it will one day be impossible to make a "bad" decision as it will not compute with the rest of reality.

I would give a more technical review concerning the gameplay, but it's pretty clear that making a game requiring fast reflexes wasn't exactly the aim, so that would be a bit pointless.

Hmm, I hope people don't think I was being sarcastic or anything...

solleader responds:

I love philosophy, great interpretation :)

Sorry, nope. That was stupid and felt like one of the biggest wastes of time I've ever "played". I'd rather play IWBTG (which I suck at) than play this. I actually liked the bad ending, because even though you didn't have a prayer, it felt like it made the most sense. It's why you get a whole half star.

Oh, and the dialog takes too long. As does "Start". Speed stuff up a bit.