Reviews for "Glean"

This game is awsome and the way you ended the game leaves the possiblity of a sequel!

@utley: you need to find all the artifacts (6 at around every depth interval of 50) to backtrack to their planet of origin to complete the game.

All my 5 for this! Completely upgraded everything to max, and had quite some fun with it. Although, there are some issues that made me feel a bit lost during the game:

- getting new recipes by picking up resources: Sometimes you have nothing left to upgrade due to Question-marked Items and nothing to research. At the moment, you add a new recipe after collecting a special amount of a resource. Unfortunately, the player can not know which resource it is, and how much of it to get. Giving a hint like "collect 16 stacks of light titanium" as a mini-quest to unlock the recipe would help a lot. In order to not let the window flow over with such hints, only show one of them at a time.

- I kind of feel completely homeless. This is because the Planets i visited vanish completely. Instead, give the option to replay a planet which was already visited, and leave a mark if a quest item was already found on it.

- The next step in developing this game should be weapon systems. These weapons should not affect the terrain to much, instead they should be used against monsters which should lurk in the depths.


- Desining the last level, which might give some Information about what happend to mankind, should lead deep down into the planet, maybe even close to the magma. Then, when down there, extending the level horizontally, and finding a few (or many) other quest items, would give the game a new kick: try to use the minerals you find to keep yourself alive, while temperature eats your health. Teleportation impossible due to electro-magnetical Interferences. This also would finally add a use to these refill cans and repair kits, which i didn´t need to use once during the game.

- to ShadowDragon8685 s last comment: An automatically "build your item in one click" Option would be a nice idea for a device which has to be researched!

- As already mentioned, your ship is old. And so is the robot in it. Doing research and creating new equipment should not be possible instantly, but take some time. Adding loops of first 2 researches, then 3, then 5, then 10, could be the upgrades of the research facility, same for equipment creation.

- The Robot is nice, and he also has a nice inventory! Why not add another inventory, where his equipment can be (has to be) manually replaced! Old equipment could be recycled.

- These fat gemstones you find in great depths look gorgeous! Unfortunately, there are to many of them, which drastically reduces their value for me. Also, they are to easy to spot with the minimap. The minimap Information should be drastically changed, we can see to much with it! Only minerals within the sight range should be added to the minimap.

- The "way back to surface" wind from the capsules annoys when it s under your ship, sometimes it s hard to reach your teleport or refill station. I recommend to stop giving us this wind, we have the teleporters early enough to get back to the surface. At least let the flow end like 2 blocks under the ship.

- To easy mapping: several Quest items are simply to easy reached. Instead, add some hand-made-maps where quest items are - these maps could be quite difficult mazes, something like the tutorial but much larger - and with lots of dead ends :)

- Item destroyed: "The inventory got full last block, sorry, this block of titanium will be eaten by the cash, muarharhar *nomnomnom*. " Instead, let it fall to the ground, so it can be collected later! It could of course break into smaller pieces.

- When monsters are added, dropping stones which crash down on them - and onto yourself, if u aren´t careful - could add another bit of spice to the game!

So much,

just my 2 1/2 cents,

I hope you will keep up with this game!

Dude, not even gone through much of the game but massive thumbs up for the Farscape intro :D

big kudos for the farscape refrence

absolutely phenomenal take on a game ive always loved.
a few things that could make this game perfect for me
1) multiple portals (tele 1 can take u to tele 2 or main ship)
2) titanium easier to physically see (i get that it should be hardest but its already really rare)
3) continuing exactly where i left off on planet instead of on a new planet when i return
4) an early warning that you cant go almost anywhere on a volcanic planet early on
5)easier to get parts for upgrades (im ridiculously overstocked just in case but i jus need recipes)

This game has held my attention for whats going on FOUR DAYS!
I LOVE this game and would like to congratulate you on your masterpiece