Reviews for "Glean"

Hehe, i build ship like that in Minecraft (with mods zeppelin dispencer itp.)

Accidentally deleted my cookies with saved game when i was 95% through this game: started over and it was STILL an awesome bit of fun. Exactly my kind of hunting/collecting/crafting game.

I like it, but how do you save your progress (I assume that you can because there's a continue button.

it's a nice 2D-3D mixture!

Pretty much everything Kalar said

However, I gave it a half star less because I felt like the lack of a simple transportation system from the lower depths to the top in the earlier stages was ridiculous. Especially since, when in bonus mode, your inventory is full before you even reach the lower levels. I found the process of finding an artifact, then drilling my way up, then plummeting back down, quite annoying once I got to the last set of artifacts.

However, all that complaining aside, its probably the best mining game Ive played. I'm glad I played after the fixes you've done because by the sound of it, it was quite annoying and confusing before. I would give it a 4.5 or maybe even a 5 if you just made it so teleporters were available to create right near the beginning