Reviews for "Glean"

Great game.
The only bad thing about it is that gemstone deposites look WAY too large.
It makes the game look amateur.

une amnesik ma fait un fuque you

[Why do I have to use numbers?*facepalm* Okay, here we go again:]
Graphics: 5/5
They are really nice for a flash game, IMO, and I really like the setting and colors chosen.
Audio: 4/5
If not for occasional monotony it is still pretty nice and calm soundtrack.
Interface: 4/5
It is nice and readable, but somewhat intimidating for it's vastness. There isn't anything wrong with it though.
Gameplay mechanics: 4/5
The gameplay mechanics makes sense, everything is in order, I could not say, that there is something too much of or something not enough, it is pretty well balanced.
Replay Value: 3/5
Once completed, do I want to start all over again? Sorta... After a few months or so, I keep drawn back to this game.
I LOVE the setting of it. I like the suggestions about the fate of humanity, and this "Stranded in Space" setting. Something rare... Also videos make me only think one thing: "Homeworld" and trust me, I loved that game (technically all of them - the original, Cataclysm and Homeworld 2), so it is a definite compliment.:D

really like the game, though i wish for a "master" map each time so i don't have to go back poking around trying to find where i left off, other wise well done, oh and on the planet map a way to know which gas is provided so i don't have to keep planet hoping to find the gas i need

Hehe, i build ship like that in Minecraft (with mods zeppelin dispencer itp.)