Reviews for "Glean"

Definitely superior to most if not all mining games.... but you should really add the ability to continue your progress later on.... thats a BIG deal. Nobody wants to make ALL that progress and then have to do it all over again the next day. Just saying....

cool game :D finally beat it and got all medals! took me such a long time

Even though this game is greatly superior to any of the other miner games like this I've seen on here... I had to give this game a 4 instead of 5 because going through all that trouble then leaving out the ability to continue unfurls your game's play value. And, yes, I do see the button to continue. It is always greyed out. And I'm not willing to waste all that time getting back to where I was. I guess with that in mind, maybe this game is a 3.5 star. Can't stress enough how important it is to being able to continue.

I really liked this game, gets boring after a while though, no real challenge. But I loved the modules and the researching aspects, and definitely the ability to change locations. We need more random games like this! <3

If Motherload and this game got married and had a kid it would be the coolest mining game ever. :D

I really liked the game. Also in the first video I noticed a lot of similarities to the opening to farscape. Was that a coincidence ( tbh I doubt that) or what. Either way it made me laugh.