Reviews for "Glean"

I love the game, but the ship part is confusing, and im trying to figure out how to get to the upgrade menu.

Even in 2013, I still love this game! What with the planet specifications, numerous upgrades, objectives, hell, even the dig-find-mine-upgrade loop seems enhanced in this game! Please, release the sequel, the story must continue!

love the game, but only a 3.5 because it's easy to die at first, and every single item you've collected just vanishes... thanks... i worked hard for that crap. which is another downside, it takes forever to collect items and easy to lose them all...

I have played it for around 20mins and I can say it's an awesome game. Like the graphics. Like the music. One thing I don't like is that you need to dig a lot to upgrade your spaceship. All in all 4.5

This was an alright mining game. I almost finished it but the crafting is tedious and boring. So much clicking and instead of higher quality items being made out of higher quality materials they're made out of lower quality items which means you have to click more. I spent way more time clicking on things and navigating menus, and just plain figuring out what the heck I needed next than I actually did on mining anything. Worst of all were the higher tier frames and gizmos made from iron as they were always the most convoluted to build.

Moreover the resource system REALLY gets to feeling like a wasted time by the end of the game. Mining higher quality resources is no more interesting than mining lower quality resources and there is basically no danger or threat aside from pretty harmless lava and gas explosions. As a result there is a real lack of progression except in terms of increased annoyance from everything taking longer to do, especially when at the end of the game I keep on finding myself needing to mine more IRON and the same crystals I've been mining all game, only larger. I mean, what the carp?

As flash games go though it played decently, though, so I'm giving you a 3.