Reviews for "Glean"

this is the greatest mining game ever. I really think an aquatic portion would be a great idea

This game is absolutely fantastic. I was searching to replay Motherload when I came across a far superior version in this. I will anxiously await a sequel to this (underwater searching perhaps).
Combining my opinion with the comments below here are a few suggestions:
1) Ability to visit a previous planet or fixed planets instead of random travelling.
2) More upgrades but less clicking, if you have the inventory to build the subparts that should be done automatically somehow, although this might be very difficult for you to code.
3) Maybe have a system where you must gather enough fuel or resources before your ship can leave a planet.
4) C4 or bigger explosives than dynamite (like Motherload has)
5) Ability to drill into full lava pockets to collect a large glob but resulting in massive damage.
6) Maybe enemies or a boss of some kind but try not to do it like Motherload, I really didn't care for the C4 spamming boss fight.

Congratulations and this game should have been way higher than daily 3rd place, its pure excellence.

absolutely phenomenal take on a game ive always loved.
a few things that could make this game perfect for me
1) multiple portals (tele 1 can take u to tele 2 or main ship)
2) titanium easier to physically see (i get that it should be hardest but its already really rare)
3) continuing exactly where i left off on planet instead of on a new planet when i return
4) an early warning that you cant go almost anywhere on a volcanic planet early on
5)easier to get parts for upgrades (im ridiculously overstocked just in case but i jus need recipes)

This game has held my attention for whats going on FOUR DAYS!
I LOVE this game and would like to congratulate you on your masterpiece

that game si good i think but i have all artefacts but i didn't get achievment what now???

this game is great!, I can not stop playing, but the teleporter should be able to collect, even so is great