Reviews for "Glean"

So this took me a few lazy hours to complete and I enjoyed it all. The story was interesting and the whole concept of the plot kind off hooked me into this game. The graphics are outstanding generating a good feeling as you mine the various levels. The soundtrack could be a bit repetitive at times but otherwise it was good.

However the ending left me wishing for a sequel so please do one. All in all, I give it a 4 starts. why? Because it's really good for a flash game, the only bad thing was the backgrounds that was somewhat generic after a while and the color choice, it could be somewhat be troublesome going through the crafting section. As for the music it was enjoyable but like I said, it became somewhat repetitive.

wow the parallactic layers on the surface looked great. samorost/machinarium'ish

This game is well up to par with legendary mining games like Motherload. Though a bit sluggish for me, everything worked and the quality button is always helpful.

The "Game Completion" medal takes a bit of time to register, it only registered for me at the same time I completed all upgrades. (and objectives) No big deal there.

Really good stuff.

This game looks like fun, but I can't get past the tutorial level. The reason is that the game does not seem to register more than 2 button inputs at once, in certain places. While trying to ascend the long vertical corridor near the end of the tutorial, there is a section where the player must double-jump, press left, and press space in order to drill into iron nuggets in the side of the wall. I tried to do this for 10 minutes in all different qualities and with different techniques, but I could never drill in the wall, so I'd just fall down the corridor.

I tried multi-button inputs in other areas of the level, in different combinations with the same result. For example, press and hold the space bar to activate the drill, press up to jump, and then press left to drill left- the result is that the drill activates and I jump, but the game does not register the input to move left.

Frustrating! It must be a problem with my computer, since no one else seems to have had this problem, but almost 15 minutes of monkeying with this problem is too much for me.

5 stars for the Farscape reference!