Reviews for "Glean"

Great Game I came back a second day! it is amazing

LOST-TALE, it convert from minerals, it showed in tutorial.

alright i give up i wont write a review.

were the fuck do i buy the damn items such as fuel can and all.
i got all the modules.!!!!!!
im advanced in the game but im mad at this

Excellent graphics, solid gameplay, even a courteous nod to Motherlode, one of my favorites, as well. As a completionist, I found the game more appealing than usual - I had to keep coming back and playing until I beat/upgraded everything.

It's lacking something, though... maybe a few somethings.

While I'm sure I've seen it in the posts before, item creation bogs down the game by insisting that you join and split everything manually. I wouldn't even see this as a neccessary downfall of the game, as I noticed that you have empty slots in the Engineering panel that you could devote to "Automation": at level 0, you're doing everything yourself. Level 1 will automatically join or split raw resources for you. Level 2 will automatically construct low-tier equipment for your higher-tier needs, and so on.

The other thing is lack of some kind of antethesis. Just like there is no way to win quickly, there is also no way to lose. Perhaps a limited number of lives, a limited amount of time, or some kind of opponent who is either trying to directly kill you, or is trying to get to your goal first would cap off the game nicely.

Keep in mind, Flash programming is not my arena of choice, and so, compared to you, I am a novice. I find that I'm a fair critic, however, and I hope that you can see my criticism is meant to be constructive.

I love this game. It's addictive and entertaining. However, as said before, it needs more of a substantial plot. The plot as of now is a bit... um... lacklustre, to be fair. Add a nice plot and maybe tweak it to make it slightly less repetitive, and it's a five star game!