Reviews for "Glean"

I have mixed feeling about this work here.

On one hand, you've balanced the setting and story quite brilliantly. We, the players, recognize the artefacts since we can see them regularly, but there was no point where you neglected to keep the continuity of the character not knowing what they were. ...But, since I can imagine that since this guy's calculator has more RAM than a supercomputer, it doesn't make too much sense that he didn't figure out that the bullets went in the gun after reverse-engineering both.

Aside from that, there were nice little surprises in the game, and very inventive ideas that throw curveballs at the player that aren't impossible to catch. Such as the 'Flowers'. If you screw it up, you can make some dynamite and crack it open. I appreciate that sort of lenience, and I'm sure I'm not alone.

...However, it wasn't all so great, and that's the 3.5/5; there's still a good bit of room to improve.

To start, it is an interesting touch to make the player find artefacts as bases for new engineering parts. That's awesome. What's not awesome is making them jump between 20 planets in search of the last capsule in a particular depth zone.
I was literally stuck for 5 hours trying to find the last artefact that I needed for the coolant system upgrades, and I gave up before I found it. If it was supposed to be deeper, I couldn't survive the temperatures long enough to go looking. So a better update would be to either move that artefact up a depth level, or increase the effect of the coolant upgrades.
(I was finding capsules, but not artefacts. Kept getting metal bars that I couldn't use.)

Aside from all that, a very nice touch would be an expandable mineral map that you could access once you'd gotten the telemetries array and fired a radar pulse. Some players, like me, like to be objective-oriented, and don't particularly like scouring for twenty minutes only to find 7 Tiny Gold Nuggets. This alone would greatly increase the playability of the game, as you also can locate the special items. This idea here could also help a great deal with my above problem, and remove any need for fiddling with the upgrade settings.

Overall, I like it despite its quirks. For what it is, this game is highly immersive and addictive. You literally had me playing this all day. I'm hoping to see more from you, since you show so much potential with this single game. Hope you can make use of this.

This is a really good game, love the upgrades, but I'm not sure if it auto-saves or if I have to save manually, and if so, how?

Ok I can't even complete the tutorial. Not a very friendly learning environment.

i may seem stupid, but i can't continue from the mothership onwards
i'm pretty much stuck there, and i collected all the resources
i spent all my stuff on fuel, because i was searching for more minerals or a way out
i can't click the galaxy map; and the teleport thingy, i had to plant right infront of the ship, is of no use, so i wonder what i built it for, anyway
all in all - i still prefer motherload, since this game seems broken

Just my kind of game! I love this!