Reviews for "Strike Force Heroes"

I love this game and the sequel too but the campaing mode doesn't work,the weapon is invisible,the soldiers outfits are all really buggy an theres a lot of lag.
Please NG (or developer of the game) fix that.

Hey, what's with the texture glitches? A few years ago (before i was a player here) there were no glitches here, please Newground, fix this so we can play it again like it used to.
- Texture Glitches
- No Gun Glitch? Hand Pew Pew!
- Laggier

Wow, this is a great game. I really like the way it feels when you play, and honestly the challenge with the ninjas was the hardest one for me X3

Same here I played it before on the other sit than NG and it's work fine not even a glitches

Ho good game...

Strike Force Heroes 3?