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Reviews for "Photon Baby"

good game 5 stars oops you just lost 2 stars because you can soot the first boss once but then he kills you

I thought this was a good game. What really struck me as odd about it was that the one level with the large red strip and the green guy was impossible to beat! I even fired a dozen random shots in the air and nothing happened! You'd think, stastically, I would be able to beat the game that way! Anyway, this is still a nice game. It mostly works because the concept is quite original.

Finally, I get to play a game that isn't in the series of the latest NG Game Jam. I'd grown a bit tired of those games. I also liked how the sounds were really cool. You'd be surprised at how much this works as a strategy game. The graphics are nicely done too.

The bad lag ruined the game

love this game. music is good, graphic reminds me of the old times and fun to play!

The first half is fantastic. The second half is challenging without being frustrating. The third half is just frustrating.

I wish fun games didn't feel the need to ruin themselves by throwing in frustrating gimmicks. I hate gimmicks.