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Reviews for "Photon Baby"

Good, but I'd like to see a walkthrough, because it seems like the further you get, the more unfair the levels get. I know every level must be beatable, but still I can't see a way through level 29 without getting caught by the bars or the chompy things.

Also, on level 27 you could've done more to explain that the colored bars work just like the colored mirrors and panels. I had to get that last vampire at the bottom using only the mirror at the top of the screen because that wasn't explained to me. PS: The old man vampire boss was funny.

awsome.. i loved the way the first boss gasped whenever he got hurt

5/5 great game but seriusly he picked the gem over the baby i see why its rated T.


This game definitely as potential but some things that could be improved are controls on the mouse when shooting and when attracting photons I find that when i do this the mouse controls tend to spaz out but still it is a great game. 4/5