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Reviews for "Photon Baby"

This game was great fun to play original and cleverly made, some levels were huge frustrating nightmare to finish but that just kept wanting me to keep playing. The controls are pain though especially when your trying to avoid bad guys and you have to use the mouse at the same time other than that i loved it.

THIS GAME. Man, this game is so cool! I love it man. I love it.
The graphics are fantastic, and the music/sounds aren't that annoying. The movements are smooth, and the beginning levels are in that great balance of not being that hard, but hard enough to provide a learning curve (I keep dying so I'm not that far in yet). I love it! You are fantastic game designer!

Magnificent, the controls are very easy to pick up and you have a tad of a challenge controlling the Photon. However that challenge just makes the game interesting and adds to the difficulty rather than
being a control issue. The music isn't bad, it suits the game pretty well although nothing too memorable. The graphics are gorgeous, the sprites appear to have a lot of work put into them and plenty of detail shows from that. The game play is simplistic and easy to pick up. Now I'm not sure of the length of the game but I think if you put this game back on the drawing board and extend the game to a massive extent, you may have an hit Indy game on your hands.
(I've played up to the first boss, when writing this review)

I'm color-blind, and this game is a pain in the butt!

But still cool. =)

The baby cries like Baby Peach