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Reviews for "Photon Baby"

Not a bad concept but the hit box kinda sucks and some of these levels employ REALLY bad level design, like the continuously falling level. Level 29 is fucking awful too

I don't see a way to do level 7 so I gave up....which I usually do not do that easily.

This game was quite fun. It has an interesting concept, and it was easy to get the hang of. I also enjoyed the graphics and the general vibe of the game.

Great game. Worked very well and, even though very challenging at times (hard mode? oh my god) extremely addictive and very re playable. One of the best games I have played in terms of game play. Only place it would fall down is with the lag but not a problem worth taking anything off for. Well done!

I don't want to store any of this games data on my computer!!! After I click "deny" make the popup stop popping up
5 stars for the game
3.5 for the annoying popup