Reviews for "Zombie Resurrection"

Puzzles were a bit too easy, and gameplay got boring at times. Despite this, its still a good game and a good concept.

It doesn't work. It only shows a green screen.

The art is really cool. I love the darkly comedic backgrounds. Like, the whole thing is so cheerful, and then you see a hanged guy in the foreground. The music adds to that comedic effect, but it can get really repetitive. The gameplay has been done before, but there are still some cool puzzles where you have to think to beat the level. There's also a lot of timing involved. However, there isn't that much variety with the tools and I'm not sure if I took a cheaty alternative way to beat hte final level. Fast forward is really useful since the zombies are very slow. Overall, the game is a fun(ny) way to kill some time with a bit of difficulty. If you had more time, I'm sure it could have been even better. The medals are also nice.

Love his puzzle game!

got all the medals :")

finding a way to solve in last level is very funny, my zombie is always returning to his starting point. LOL :D

got the medals too.

The puzzles aren't too difficult, and the zombies are a nice blend of adorable and unsettling.