Reviews for "Zelda the Welder"

3 Days... You deserve a slow clap, guys.
I really liked the look and feel of the game. Art, Music, Gameplay and overall quality was really nice for a Game Jam game. Congrats on that.

You could've made one thing better, though, cause it seems people were having difficulties to figure out how to cut. It would've been better if the buttons for the saw, plate and welder were colored differently. Then use that color to highlight the "saw" in the text with the corresponding color. Or you could've just let the player begin with the saw.

Other than that, I congratulate you on a great Game Jam game. Good luck err'body. ;)

MonoFlauta responds:

Thanks FuNaNdMoRe!

About the confusing, we added some arrows so people get it easier :) Glad you like it! We worked so hard on it haha

Thanks for the review!

Loved everything about this honestly.
The art, the music, the dialog everything really but there was one thing i didn't understand.
The game is rated everyone and for the most part it seems suitable for kids i honestly thought the two cuss words used were a little random and not needed.
But still i loved it. It would be nice to see a longer game in the future.

MonoFlauta responds:

Glad you loved everything in this game! :D

About the rated everyone, well, still everyone why not? :)

Thanks for the review!

so did i superritz, and i would like to say that a little more room to maneuver would be nice, if you would make a sequel.

awesome ^_^...can make one more long please?

This is an amazing game. A great story with lots of funny moments, along with astoundingly appealing visuals, and music that adds a suspenseful tone during missions makes this a must play. The only factor I would add is the amount of missions that are available. Other than that the game was awesome :D