Reviews for "Zelda the Welder"

People keep saying nthe game play is bad, but im sure that they are trying to do it slowly
If you do it without pressuring yourself and quick is rather easy
The game has a good idea, great art and nice music.
Funny story, but too short.
Please make a sequel

I agree with ApostleGraves (below). You need something you can navigate with your finger. I myself was playing this game on a laptop, so I used the finger pad. I think that a pen pad would work also.
The music is catchy (though repetetive) and the sound effects awesome. I find it hard to beleve that you made this in 48 hours

You should seriously consider making a sequel of this. maybe a bit more in-depth story line, longer game, some mini games maybe. if you tried, you could turn this into something big. I already see potential in it. Great work on this

Simply great. But i don't get what i had to do in last lvl, I just weld some "things",no cuting cables or something. Anyway i love animation of characters and whole game too. ^^

Simple and interesting game and I really LOVE the music !!! I wish this can be longer