Reviews for "Zelda the Welder"

Not a bad game, reminds me of Trauma Center. I like the animations and the backgrounds, even the sounds and music was good, but i dont like how hard it gets so quickly. It took me 3 tries once i get under the watch faceplate, and im still trying to get that second one, its really pissing me off! :P

MonoFlauta responds:

Oh don't worries dude! keep trying you will make it! :D

Thanks for the review!

I like the game but pro tip use a mouse. Maybe i'm just not finger pad person but it seemed to give me a lot of trouble. The mouse gave more control and definitely made the game more fun. It's a good game with a fun character and dialog that's pretty entertaining. 5 stars

A little buggy but lots of fun and surprisingly hilarious! I also really liked the animation. Really good work!

A short, charming game. Good art, music, and story. I see nothing wrong with it, besides it's length. Great way to spend five minutes.

boooo it doesnt tell me where to cut with the bomb !