Reviews for "Zelda the Welder"

This was a really strange game. At first, I thought I would get the hang of it, but I didn't. What made it difficult is that the instructions themselves popped up at bad times and were blocking part of the game. That way, it was hard to follow through in terms of what was going on. At least you managed to have some good graphics. I'm actually surprised this took such a short time to make. It was also a tad too talky.

I think this may be the first submission I've ever seen that had the word "Zelda" in it and had nothing to do with the video games. At least the sounds and everything else are nice and sync up well. We've truly gotten some unique games this NG game jam. At least other people enjoyed this.

MonoFlauta responds:

Well, yes it was, we couldn't make everything so perfect for it, sorry about it, but we did our best in 3 days.

About the "Zelda" yes, this game is something unique LOL

Thanks for the review!

good game but, would really like to know how to cut whe wire on the bomb, i mean i get the color and all but it doesnt let me do anything after that.

You must make the lines larger. It's really hard with a mouse to follow them (maybe on ds would be better but on pc no)

To difficult with a mouse, would be better on a touch screen phone. Still I like the idea and would even pay for it if it was available on Droid and iPhone

It's visually charming, but the controls are very unforgiving.