Reviews for "Zelda the Welder"

It's a good game for being under the time gun but there are a couple of bugs with the robot..cutting him open on the initial..then welding him shut..the welder stops on plate 2 halfway around despite being on the line. The text does block the work area and it costs precious time to close that out..you may want to have the text disappear after a few seconds or move it entirely from the work area so it won't hinder gameplay. I do like the Japanese interjections and some of the funnies in here. This is something that can be built upon..maybe fix the 6 million dollar man or optimus prime stops in to have you fix him after whippin megatrons ass.

Detection was lacking....
If you start welding a plate in real life and fail you dont have to start over
why would you need to weld the plate back on the bomb after its defused?

Really funny! I enjoyed the game for the most part but the buggyness bugged me.

I don't know what happened, but it glitched out on me, refusing to close the last connection on the bomb, the light gos green and "you rock!" shows up every time, but no progress.

So if my sawing stops, I have to start the motion all over again? That's not how sawing works, so it's kind of counter-intuitive. Oh, and the smaller lines are absurdly precise. I feel like I need a surgeon's hand to progress the game.
That aside, the humor and visuals are cute. The title character is interesting. She's enthusiastic about her craft without being too bubbly. That's always nice to see.
Good job overall, but the gameplay needs improvement.