Reviews for "Zelda the Welder"

so did i superritz, and i would like to say that a little more room to maneuver would be nice, if you would make a sequel.

Well... It's a little nice fun game, but there is a small problem that at some points the path isn't quite the same as the image, which can make some people angry. But beyond that it got nice graphics and soundtrack, and there isn't much to complain.

perfect, just perfect. wonderful game, really fun, give your a pat on the back RIGHT NOW

This is an amazing game. A great story with lots of funny moments, along with astoundingly appealing visuals, and music that adds a suspenseful tone during missions makes this a must play. The only factor I would add is the amount of missions that are available. Other than that the game was awesome :D

Fantastic work guys! The music is cute and works, the art kicked ass and funny dialogue. Grats!