Reviews for "Zelda the Welder"

Easy and fun.
Good work mate.
p.s Didn't find any bugs, might be time to replace someones pc :P.

I Love it! It had humor, a short story line for each job, adequate sounds and music. if the controls were a bit more precise, I'd give it the full 5. I can't tell you how many times I messed up while following the guide lines.

Just saying.
Gameplay: pretty good, I guess. 3.5
Controls: standard, 3.5
Replay value: 4.5 (for the dialog)
Dialogue: 7.5

why you have to close the bomb thats stupid

10/10 would recommend
had a bit of a toss up with the bomb because i didnt know exactly where to cut but i got it eventually (gotta click eXACTLY on the blue dot where the wires are hanging out)
dialogue was great and all but it didnt seem like you did much when you welded the robot but maybe thats just me :v